Comments on DoJ Should Prosecute Newscorp by fuster

A. Extra-Special Rendition

Q What do you call 1,000 DoJ attorneys on the bottom of the ocean?

That seems so small-time especially if the Newscorp is moving to bypass the civilian government and seize control of the military through the supply chain.

If miggs has solid information on this, it would be a huge, huge story.... and probably won't ever be reported.
The embedding of reporters in the military was only the first step.... and now it's gone metastatic.

Hell, it may now be beyond the ability of the DoJ to attempt to prosecute Newscorp.
Should they try, the lawyers may well find themselves scooped up by SEAL teams and getting hosed in Guantanamo.

miggs, If the Newscorp has managed to penetrate the Defense Supply Center in Columbus, the chances are great that the whole of the Defense Logistics Agency has been compromised.

Can you trust your sources on this???????

pretty flunkin stupid and excessive and blatantly unAmerican.

presumption of guilt in things that transpired in another country inflated beyond their import and tied, in a neat little package of guilt by association, to things here to presume guilt here in an investigation that hasn't begun here....and therefore .....

simple as 1...7...86

Its licenses should be pulled.

....and she's a witch.