Comments on DoJ Should Prosecute Newscorp by miguel cervantes

Britain's The Guardian newspaper has apologized to The Sun tabloid for claiming that The Sun illicitly accessed the medical records of former Prime Minister Gordon Brown's son.

The Guardian's initial story, which accused The Sun of accessing the files to sustain a "scoop" saying Brown's son had cystic fibrosis, added to growing outrage in Britain amid allegations of phone hacking at another one of Rupert Murdoch's tabloids. Shwill

As compared to last year: 200

I don't have much use for Morris, a little more for Rove, because he does have some historical basis for his strategery, we can go back to every time, the Contributions from Media companies, are tallied up,

Actually it comes from a Politico story, that a friend linked me, is it possible they got it wrong, yes, they are the embodiment of Frankfurt's philosophy,

The DSCC instituted a return all NewsCorp contributions petition, only
problem, NewsCorp gave almost twice as much to the Democrats,
'stupid humans'