Well the current events suggest nothing less than Python's 'Upper Class Twit of the year' 'The How to Do it' sketch, and other selections
from the ouevre, Scott, you weren't a writer on the VR series, because
alternative realities is another template to consider. I imagine there is another world in the multiverse, wher Obama know what he is talking about, and Krugman is too,

Then again, the Japanese example of the MITI induced bubble, (which Fallows might have noticed, then again neither did Von Wolferen). if we're lucky it's just the70s, but more like the 90s, the 1890s.

Not just the size but the structure of the stimulus, and the uses applied with the TARP, which 'unexpectedly' were not employed toward the designated targets. One has to struggle to find any real
infrastructure development in the first stimulus,