Comments on Battle: Upland by fuster

Damned if I didn't just see a promo for some movie called Cowboys and Aliens.

A) why would the aliens want to take Los Angeles by force?

why not follow the usual pattern and sneak across the intergalactic border because Obamablahblah, get false id in the name of John Smallberries and John Bigboote, collect all them welfare checks and use the foodstamps to get likkered-up (and selling liquor to them whatever-skinned welfare grabbers oughta be a felony, of course, of course) and drive all the decent godbothering folks to the Inland Empire to bitch and moan and practice their RRRRRRRRRRRRRR idolatry

B) why fight to take LA back rather than just seek to shape the alien's choices?

C) why pay to watch shit like that?