Comments on Battle: Upland by Scott Miller

@ CK MacLeod:
I will report.

I "will like it." Yes. "The gaze" is the interesting part. Foucoalt stuff. Dig him still. Don't care how not-cool the deconstructionists might be or not be right now. Still cool in my fall chip May day.
I'm going to see Cowboys and Aliens this weekend. I imagine that there will have to be at least something going on with it on a level of "Other." Right away, we have the can't-be-more obvious Indian to Alien update. So will the aliens be the bad-guys that the Indians couldn't be in the Cowboys and Indian movies, especially as time went on? Probably. It'll be weak. But we'll see. I just finished a Larry McMurtry book, believe it or not. Gruesome. "Dead-Man's Walk." I've been interested in him ever since I read that he and my boy Ken Kesey were friends. Strange friends. DMW is a prequel. And it's interesting in respect to McMurtry not addressing or accidently working out any prequel problems. Things have to relate to later things but at the same time not affect them because they are already written in stone. Anyway, there's two leads. Just like Lonesome Dove. Never saw it or read it. But DMW has the same two guys. One likes to think about shit, and the other doesn't. I think McMurtry has two writers inside of him. One just writes, the other thinks. The push-pull dynamic (fight) between those two drives does make for an interesting creation. What happens with Other is inside you as well as Non-Other. That is the question at this point. What is CK going to do with the Others inside him?