Comments on Oh Gawd No, No, No by miguel cervantes

It occurs to me, that Jon Hamm, TV's Don Draper, could pull off a Gatsby character, that same murky history, a brief war record,

Well Gatsby was about a particular date and time, the early 20's boom I wasn't terribly impressed with the Redford version, although there are some parallels with other eras, Nelson Demilles' Gold Coast, was originally an attempt to update it, to the 1980s.

It's just seems it can go horribly wrong like that Python sketch of Sam Peckinpah doing a bloody period piece

Merchant Ivory doesn't really seem in the biz anymore, is there any other director that does period pieces anymore, considering GONY and
the Aviator, I would say Scorsese, since it does have a mob subtext.

Baz Luhrmann, that partially explains some of the deranged casting, he cast Leo and Danes, in his 'hip hop' Romeo and Juliet,' with mixed results, he was behind Moulin Rouge, so he's ok with period pieces, but I can't see this ending well.