Comments on Battle: Upland by miguel cervantes

From some of the interviews, the dominant metaphor is we are the Indians, chew that paradigm around for a while,

Favreau, has had a blog dialogue running at the Huff Po, so maybe you should check it out, Yes Sonnenfeld's 'Wild Wild West' is considered a
crime in 'several solar systems, so the watchword should be considered
as caveat emptor.

Come on, it's got Olivia Wilde going for it, It reminds me of this 70s series 'CliffHangers' that ran on NBC, it was a trio of programs, one was
a pre steam punk adventure tale with some underground civillization
that ran on gold, It's based on a graphic novel, much in the same vein as Lowell Cunningham, the inventor of Men in Black, that I first encountered in one of the last issues of Omni, I disagree, not surprisingly with your view of Battle LA, it's an old fashioned war film, it's fairly lowtech, the Aliens share the conceit of the original visitors, they want to drain our water, and presumedly consume us, in roughly that order.