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Regarding "periods," I think we need to balance things out more on this blog and while my avatar does speak to something not usually discussed but relatable to all, something like this period piece might help:

To make room for sci-fi inclusion as "period piece," you could define it as any film that requires contemporary objects and images that are historically or futuristically anachronistic to be omitted from shots. But I think the common interpretation would just be the way Miggs is using it, which has to do with historical periods. You know what he means.

@ CK MacLeod:
That's what I was thinking in respect to Cameron. It would probably be an insurmountable problem. I agree with Miggs about Scorsese. He's done well with period stuff. If you could make them co-direct, that might work. I'd love to see the movie about the making of a movie with those two control freaks having to collaborate. It would be like Herzog and Kinski. Did you ever see the movie about My Best Friend? I'll post this YouTube of Herzog saying the Indians during the Fitzcarraldo shoot wanted to kill Kinski. I remembered in a more funny light, with Herzog first saying that the Indians didn't even have a word for homicide because they never killed each other. But in Kinski's case they would make an exception:

CK MacLeod wrote:

On the other hand, I confess I might be kind of interested if James Cameron tried MOBY DICK.

Agree. But going past Cameron, it would be really cool with some light-box literary visuals. "Call me Ishmael"--scribed across the first scene and such.

CK MacLeod wrote:

I’d rather see Gatsby played by the Great Dane from MARMADUKE.

Hilarious idea.
CK MacLeod wrote:

MR was, I thought, nauseating

Any movie that starts with "Nature Boy" can't be "nauseating."