@ miguel cervantes:

A large organization whose client list is not limited to one government is a rather imperfect tool of policy. The organization has its own agenda and is as no more likely to perform as an obedient servant of policy than as a semi-independent ally.

@ Scott Miller:

I'd like to thank Scotty and the rest of the Academy.....

Some earn a Sphincty, others, to paraphrase the Lady, are born that way.
Me, I'm malformed that way

@ Scott Miller:

No, go ahead and try to develop the point, but, much as I hate the idea and The Shitpile formerly-known-as Blackwater, I'm not sure that it's any different than trying to encourage the free flow of water by pouring harsh chemicals down your toilet to burn out a clog.

@ Scott Miller:

Ever read any early Americans bitching about Hessians?

craving a cave?

Quite some time now, there's been an emphasis on painting the opponent as being of unsavory character or inclination.

It's easier in 30 seconds to pitch reasons why the uncommitted voters shouldn't opt for the other guy rather than trying explain the superior merits of your position.

Persuasion through reasoning is hard and relatively easy to counter, but emotional appeals are easy and make a lasting impression.