Comments on 2012 – it’s the paradigm, stupid by miguel cervantes

You've been reading Pressfield's The Profession, for it would seem Ret. General Salter's Force Inflection, seems to fit that model, XE moving to train the UAE's security services are concerning, in that light

The private military contractor, is a tool of Government policy, they are an adjunct, no matter how much bad pulp fiction, tries to paint it
as an adversary element, now this administration having gone after
our own cohort of what they consider 'bitter clingers' and simultaneous
serving as the armory for other less principled paramilitaries south of the border, has a touch of irony, which the Two Minute Hate against
NewsCorp has obfuscated.

Getting back to the thread at hand, it takes a remarkable cynicism by Hamas supporter and 'devil's advocate' for Matt Hale, Gleen Gleenwald,
to ask us to ignore the current economic conditions, that is a masterstroke worthy of maybe not Chavez, but his more respectable
counterpart in Ecuador,

Brown and Root, dredged up Cam Ranh Bay, for the Naval Base, they've been in the business for a long time,

Scott, that was very entertaining, but Brown and Root, which is the Mother Company of Halliburton, has been around for 80 years or so,
Green stocks, you might as well invest in Dilithium mines on Titan,