Hmm. Well, that's okay. We'll just need more socks.

What if in this version of Otto, instead of all the 3rd Act sex, we make Otto a yoga teacher? He could fake being all positive and his life could change around until he gets lost in the laundry.

I was thinking we would do it live action with a sock since you have the camera. We'd film the sock with the script collaged into it, etc to create the coolness. I could make the background paintings. You're right about me forgetting about all the sex. That would be funny with socks. Although it's not a really lucky time for Sox right now. That could change. When the Yanks were being disrespected a month or so ago, I thought that was a mistake and now I think it would be a mistake to count the Sox out. Beckett can still pitch. Sorry Phrog, but I'd rather face CC than Beckett in a first and-or last game of a series.

CK--I do have the Otto drawing, yes. And you're right, the sock version of Otto would be perfect for what you can do with the camera, with all kinds of text and everything. I can totally see it and no one can kick you out of your house now for realizing a great artistic vision. You could get kicked out for other reasons, but not that one. Plus, Laura really good at sewing so we could enlist her help with the sock creation. Unless you think it's better to just make the sock super sad and pathetic looking like we had it before. I don't think it even had eyes. I think it was just a sock.

If I were at my regular computer today, I would type out the part in OTTO about how even if you were given limitless funds, a giant military, and everything else imaginable it wouldn't...what was it that it wouldn't do? Decrease the size of your problems was it? I don't remember. I think it was the set up for you (as Otto) having out of the ballpark, astro size problems no matter what. Was that it?