I think we have a good chance of avoiding optimists.

No one expects the Ottonian hegemony.

I'm concerned about a shortage of hands. You may need to be ready with other appendages. This may in turn require that we set aside a large stock of socks. I fear it would break the production budget. Especially heading into the Fall, amidst a worldwide economic crisis, I personally need to conserve my socks.

It's not just the 3rd act. The whole thing turns on sex: longing, courtship, betrothals and consummations, lethal jealousy, a couple of abortive Ottonian romances, an orgy... the parts you cartoonified were set-up scenes, soliloquys, and such.

We can mix in some bras, panties, jockeys, boxers, and other underthings, I guess.

Or... maybe not!

Didn't you/Otto/me draw a face in the sock?

Probably what we should do is publish pieces here, including your cartoons, as well as pre-/post-cinematic psuedo-realizations, so that the other dudes have some better idea of what we're talking about. Plus we can flub it a bunch of times, spreading even greater joy to frogs and bobs.

Doin' the whole thing cartoon-sock style would be challenging, to say the least. You may have forgotten how much of it turns on dialogue, interaction, and setting - and lotsa lotsa sex. The whole last chapter is a verbal celebration of sexual climax, mainly by the female lead - was just restoring some stuff that for some reason I decided in 1999 was embarrassingly excessive.

Tho we could do it anyway, by whatever minimalist/poor cinema means, until someone with too much money wanders by and sez he wants to finance it with x/y/z young actors.

Actually, just located a 1999 draft with the original photo-graphics mostly intact even after file conversion.

Were you aware that OTTO destroyed (revealed the impossibility, doomedness of) my relationship with Katerina? In her view, she thought she had invited (more like pushed) a screenwriter with a future to move into her fabulous house with her, but then she read OTTO, and realized that my idea of a screenplay was some weird thing with diagrams of a car engine.

I had already pretty much moved out of my apartment - OTTO's main setting - but, by the time I moved in with her, I or we (me and OTTO and Buddy) were already moving back out again.

Sphinxter: I think it was the set up for you (as Otto) having out of the ballpark, astro size problems no matter what. Was that it?

That sequence was one that you did a nice cartoon on - think you still have the original around? I probably have copies you gave me... in a box under a stack of boxes somewhere.

We could shoot your version now - assuming you still have access to a sock.

(seems I may've flubbed the youtube when I put this up last night - fixed now - I hope-think)