Comments on Otto, the Intro by bob

It functions, but needs the thing that moves the image right and left as well as up and down.

Pretty sure IE 8 and not seeing the Compatibility tool in the tool menu at all.

Really, how often does a discussion not veer from the post pretty quickly. Certainly, sometimes there are sustained discussions on point, but just as much, none of the discussion is.

Structure,'s the cast of characters.

Below the Update, there is a fairly large blank space, then Ottosity in a box too big for the space,

As far a Otto goes, it's not really grabbing me so far.

yes, yes,yes.

This works fine

Yes! now there's just empty space rather than an empty box!

I'm at Med High



does work in Chrome but really, this is the only site I ever have these kinds of problems with.

kinda like Cage's 4'33" in visual form - a blank box.