Comments on Otto, the Intro by fuster

yeah, it is pro talk for X-ray. My own defective old-grey-mare of a brain misread your "compugraphic" as that.

Proctor just served up a 3-run bomb with 2 out in the top of the 14th.

If, as I half-expect, the Yankees tie it up in the bottom of the inning, I'm sticking with the game, but no later than Tuesday.

I barely watched the 1:00 game as it was Giants-Eagles time.

the radiographic image of the Otto man brain

and I didn't think that they were supposed to be "good" beans in this situ.....

"a pot of beans'?

maybe some detail to solidify the low-rentedness of 'em and a nice shot into the pot to go with the radiograph?

I'm on safari through a mac and have a missing plug-in on the screen (as well as all my usual deficiencies.)