Comments on Otto, the Intro by Scott Miller

I'm confused about the wall. Sometimes it's there and sometimes it's not. I did try to keep most baseball stuff there. I'll try the Aside thing but it seems less organic than when Fuster and I (and you CK even though you don't want to acknowledge it) just suddenly go autistically baseball. The Aside feels cut-off more than the wall did, but I'll try it out and see.

I was actually glad for the Angels that Boston won that second game so they wouldn't feel so bad. I still think Boston will pull it out. In any case, I don't envy the Yanks and Ranger pitching staffs having to go up against such great hitters in two such hitter-friendly parks. None of the pitchers involved have what I call play-off heaters. In the playoffs, hitters adjust to everything but great, well located fastballs with big movement. Even Lee eventually couldn't get by without having enough speed, while Holliday and Lincecum were more reliable in the late playoffs than during the season. Of course, Rivera is the most perfect example of what works in the playoffs.

I think that's right. And Boston and the Yanks are still playing. I wonder if the Phrog has the patience to watch that much baseball in one day, when there's nothing at stake for the Yanks.

Yea, I don't think I ever saw the visuals. Just the ones I made with the socks.
On a related subject, the Angels lost today in particularly tragic form. If their closer hadn't choked a double play throw to second they'd be right in it especially if the Yanks win the second game of the dh. Boy Boston sucks right now. The kid catching Wakeman was so bad at catching knuckleballs I've never seen anything like it and apparently it was better than the last game they were together. Putting him back out there in that case was just cruel.

Like the latest script, all this (these last 20 comments) go perfectly with the Otto script. I love the insignia.