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CK MacLeod: I know Mr. Miller is watching.

you know because of some software application installed as part of the blog redesign?

If the Yankees are gonna win this game, that was our break( Benoit's whiff on Cano's tap back to the pitcher) and this is the time

Are the Angels still trying to make that trade with Texas that Reagins was working on before the trade deadline in July?

the Michael Young/ Julio Borbon/Tanner Scheppers for Weaver ?

Josh Hamilton told Lyle Spencer of that the Rangers might want to acquire another Angel this offseason. Texas successfully added Vladimir Guerrero before the 2010 season and Mike Napoli last offseason, so Hamilton's hoping for more (Twitter link). "I think we're going to look at who we can get from the Angels next year," he said.

I think you must be an Iranian if you're about to commit apostassside.

don't monkey with the monkey.

I was rushing to do your bidding

forgot the excerpting in the rush and now have been commanded to make up the third guest room because the niece and nephew who live here are too damn lazy to get ready for their mother's arrival manana.

you get to post Asssides and should get a few out on the page

due to unjustified and unjustifiable oppression vis-a-vis Kalishnikovs, at one point they might have …..which, of course, doesn’t mean that they will

bob: Did they have any rules

some of them did

here's an idea for you. read and review ....

Data Clustering for Fitting Parameters of a Markov Chain Model of Multi-Game Playoff Series

Christopher M. Rump

or dial


bob: The rules are the game.

not always. In 1950,the Japanese Anarchist Federation had split-squad playoffs between the anarcho-communists and the anarcho-syndicalists that might well have been resolved by one squad or he other claiming the Black Flag had not the Federation dissolved in 1988.

Scott Miller: Cat’s out of the bag!

the cat may be out of the bag but it may also still be inside,

we're uncertain of the state of the cat right up until the moment that the fat lady opens up and eats it.

The Angels don't need a catcher to hit much. Hitting is last thing to look for in a catcher because catcher and SS are the two key defenders and because a catchers offense is never reliable due to the endless small injuries and the fatigue of the position.

Actually, Scott's got it right IF Trumbo can play third and if Morales is ever gonna be able to field and be a big-time hitter after that bone graft on his left (plant foot) ankle.

All their big hitters are righties and they need the DH slot or they can't play Trout and Bourjos and the two high-priced OFers.

I'm still wondering where the Angels are gonna get that one big hitter.

I would guess (if Kendrick is healthy and Trumbo can only play first base, that they're looking for a 3B who bats lefty.

the guy who may have saved his job tonight is Burnett

yes. he did enough by bringing in a run after falling into an 0-2 count.

and it's a good thing for the Tigers that they decided to get rid of Granderson. they really were right about him not having much range as a centerfielder and are much better off with Austin Jackson in center

bases loaded after intentional walk to Cano, one out. this is the time for Alex to earn it.

I like Wells as a fielder and he seems like a good guy, but in all his years in Toronto he never struck me as a batter to be feared.

Back to deflecting at the Angels.

Why didn't they sign Beltre this off-season after he came asking them to do so?

I think of Wells I think of great off-speed stuff thrown by an intelligent, fearless pitcher who was drunk and stoned till dawn four nights out of five during the season and five for five otherwise.

Valverde like that?

Yes, they do and it's today or never for the Tiggers.

It seems that I've been watching Napoli hit the ball out of the park for most of the year.

Watched him do it quite a bit when he was still Angelic and facing the Yanks.

I've watched Burnett quite a bit now and have no idea what he might do at any time. All I have figured out is that he's got a great curveball and a usually good and sometimes excellent fastball and a head full of weird.

All I can say is that whoever wins the game tomorrow is in good shape and Porcello doesn't impress me much either.

we were not entirely hopeful. we had real issues tonight with the strike zone.

Trading Mike Napoli might not have been the best idea that the Angels ever had. Good thing that they were able to get Vernon Wells' contract in exchange.

I like the way he plays the game and don't much worry about that plaint about how cheap (as if ) foreign labor from the Caribbean basin is just ruining everything.

That stupid shit is all over NYC (and the republican Party and this stupid planet), where there's endless hostility expressed between American-born black folks and Hispanics (born here or not) and is just more of the same old. No matter how bad you've got it, you still want the comfort of knowing you're better than some bunch of "them".

I'm not sure that any recent player compares to Rocker. I can't remember any other guy being driven out of the game for being a racist.

Torii Hunter gets a foot in that swamp but ain't as stupid and as overt and is eating quite a few bags of chips (and salsa?) coutesy of Mr Moreno

from which language, Yiddish or Austrian?

that which doesn't kill Tigers......makes them nervous.

this is interesting. when Posada hits a triple it's trouble.

you do mean the Tiger's 3rd pitcher...and he has been terrific. he's singlehandedlysinglearmedly kept the Tigers from getting snuffed.

Go Yankees Home!

always you like say

After the Tigers used their two best starters and they combined for one loss, I think that the odds for Detroit winning are not too good. Verlander was very ordinary in his 25 pitch cameo, facing 6 batters to get 3 outs and Fister got an olde-fashioned asswhipping,

The Yankees are set up to use the entirety of a well-rested bullpen tomorrow after Nova took the game into the 9th.

As someone noted, the Tigers have the hottest pitcher and the hottest closer going into the series and the Yankees have everything else.
Well, the hot pitcher is only going to be able to get one more start and the closer ain't going to matter if the Yankees offense gives them leads going into the ninth.

rather rare that a batted ball hits the top of the wall and comes back into play. that's what happened on Cano's last at-bat.

this one just ending with the ball going quite a bit further for a grand slam that effectively ended this game in the 6th inning as the Yankees now lead 8-1. the Detroit run was scored yesterday and Nova is going to be the winning pitcher far, he's gone four inning and given up two hits,

another victim of AGR as a pitch bounces in front of the plate and takes a wicked skid on the wet clay and goes under the catchers arm and slugs the ump in the jaw.

Then the Yankees play the Rays and the Brewers play the Phillies or Gore is right and anthropogenic global raining will then end outdoor baseball as we know it.

(too soon for further predictions)

Thanks, but the phrog has already been gifted far beyond that which he merits.

he has predicted,,,,,Yankees, Rays, Brewers Phillies

hope you got some enjoyment out of the Ranger game.

No, CK. starting pitchers don't start or even throw two days consecutively, even if they only threw 25 pitches.
he'll likely pitch game 3 on Monday.

mukluks with cleats.

You kind of have to feel for Boston don’t you? Phrog? No?

absolutely yes. Do you look good in a baseball cap, Scott?

That's worth two points, Miller.

I was upset that the Sox didn't manage to end up tied with Tampa and if it was any reliever other than Papelbon having the game one strike from over and then giving up three hits to lose I would have felt much more sympathy for Boston. I admire most of their players, but Pap always has grated on me (almost as much as Francisco Rodriguez used to).

Thanks for that. You too.

We did all we could to lose these games and when it looked like the Red Sox had it sewn up, we managed, against great odds, to avoid scoring with first-and-third, no outs, by getting the runner picked off third ....on a ground ball.....very difficult play to pull off .

Papelbon finds a way!!!!!!!!!!!!

to undo all the hard work the Yankees have put into trying to insure that the Sox and Rays finished tied.

wow. here's to Pap

wow, that was close. Wade waited until the Rays were down to their last strike before allowing the home run that he was tasked with giving up..... now it's up to the ever-reliable Scott Proctor to find a way to lose this.

After Teixeira tried to ruin everything with a grand slam and more, and the Rays responded by producing zero runs on one single, the Yankees were reduced to having, in the 8th inning, to alternate walking Rays with hitting them with pitched balls until Longoria managed to hit a meatball served up by the ninth pitcher brought in to what was a shutout.

the rays were gifted with 6 runs and enter the ninth trailing by one.

Yup, Girardi had them totally psyched with that one and just as I'm celebrating him being way ahead of the field....he goes predictable. When he gets to the spot where he needs a pitcher to give up the big game-losing home run to Tampa, he brings in ex-Ray (notice I didn't say radiograph here) Rafael Soriano.

after trailing 2-0, the Yankees score 3.
then, in imminent danger of blowing open the game, having bases loaded and nobody out, Girardi signals to Martin to hit into a triple play

they're like the Miami Heat of baseball.

Red Sox lose again and now are tied with the Rays.The Red Sox can now not beat the Rays who are going to play against a patchwork Yankee line-up. If the Yankees are careful they can make it likely that the Rays and Sox will end the season tied and will have to play a tie-breaker game in what would have been the single off-day prior to the statrt of the play-offs

not necessary for you to pay any attention. you just polish up your Otto

and continue disseminating it.

great image, Tsar.

just don't use it again without the express, written consent of major league gremlins.