Comments on Shrinking O by miguel cervantes

He does make certain assumption, not least of which that Lenin was interested in liberating Russia,

West is a gasbag, Frank's analysis, as I showed both sides, is quite derivative and often wrong,

I think Frank misses the point, Obama had his father walk out on him, then he was whisked over half way around the world,
to Indonesia, to another complex relationship, so he was more personally alienated. when he returned to the states, he came under the influence of Frank Marshall Davis, who channeled his personal discontent into a more explicitly political one, Chapman at Occidental, Edward Said completed that pattern, not to mention, Ogletree, Bell and Tribe at Harvard Law.

What is eerie, is that there was some bad juju on that shoot. Dominque Dunne, who played the older daughter, was killed by a psycho, the youngest died rather young,

I provided the Frank video, to show how generally without insight he is, I bring up Hatfield, because it illustrates the depths to which the media will float a certain 'meme' I could have added Pete Singer, who thinks infants but not animals should die, as
a judge of his mindset.

He drank a fair amount, which wasn't atypical of men of that age, the drug allegation, came from a convicted Attempted bomber named James Hatfield, who ultimately killed himself, but his slanders are displayed in most libraries, The spanish edition of his book, 'Nero of the 21st Century, features commentaries by Saramago among others

Sometimes the good doc, just makes things up, that was from his fraternity days if I recall, and he imbibed a fair amount, then at age 40, he turned his life around, by focusing on a higher power, the last is the real scandal.

Obama's observational caution, that's a funny one, meanwhile as compared to this;