Comments on Shrinking O by fuster

I figured it was something she said.....made him despair for the entire race.

bob: Do you have an examples in mind of the approach you describe?

that approach would be known as "political analysis".

and that tradition of analyzing whole cultures was found to be .....not good..... it lead to unsavory regimes taking power in Europe and a couple of other places.....and has been moved out of philosophy and sent to the anthropology department.

it might make the approach invalid, even if it doesn't render the conclusions of analysis necessary invalid.

shots in the dark sometimes draw blood.

What doesn’t follow is that psychoanalysis can only work with personal, “sufficient” contact. It’s actually the reverse. When a therapist sees someone cold off the street and can only work with what the client presents in session, it’s very difficult to determine how they would act out in public.

'President Obama" is an artificial person and not the same os the natural person barack Obama....the actions and perceived emotions of the President are crafted by several people.

Scott, my experiences with psychoanalysts are quite limited......

my girlfriend was having a problem long time back and decided to go to one. I went with her, sat in the waiting room in the eighth floor of this really nice building and as we were riding down the elevator, she told me that the guy agreed that she needed help and he would help her if she came twice a week.

I go back with her on Thursday and decide to hang around outside for the hour, glorious spring day and all.
and she comes out after only about 10 minutes, with an expression on her face I've not seen before or ever.
The analyst had jumped out the window to his death the same day she had first seen him.

I spent a lot of time wondering if the guy was really really insightful and really empathic
or not.

The fear that the center can not hold is a good one and saying that Obama cant oppose those of the worst of us that are full of passion doesn't follow.

Frank is babbling and trying to determine the actions of the public figure from an analysis (sans sufficient contact) of the person....

They're not the identical person. Official Obama is not an individual