CK MacLeod:
A quarter of what, that’s the question.

the illumination provided by a quarter-watt, Bulba.

Kobe's physical talent, IMO, equalled Jordan's.
Don't know if that makes him the best player ....of a team sport.

What I would like to know is whether your feet are good and you can run up and down court for a quarter?

I like Odom's game,


Scola has 4years @ ~ 10m per
Martin is 12m this year and 13 the next

are above-market price and mediocre.

pretty much yes for a couple-three decades.
Kobe Bryant's father played on a team in Philly that was as at least as physically talented as the one you've got in Miami....and played better as a team when most of them were sober,

did I fail to understand, or did Vescey argue that the trade will leave them, because of the several overpriced, long-contracted and mediocre players they'll receive in return for Paul, with no way to improve much for several long seasons.

I would also say that, beyond winning a championship, he also notes that the Hornets currently possess success in the person of a player who is a delight to watch,,,,and they'll no longer have that bit of success going for them.

Long ago the New Orleans Jazz had no hope of winning a championship.... but they had a kid named Pete made you want to pay money to watch.

(Similarly, the Angels signed Wilson to help bring a championship, but Pujols brings several other things with him,)

Manny Mota .... you could look it up....could still hit ball in his dotage.

the trade doesn't help the Hornets ...

Pujols plays a fine first base, where the uncorrected damage to his right arm that renders him unable to do any serious throwing, doesn't much matter.

Considering that the Angels gave him 10 years and his reported age is pretty dubious, the Angels may find out how he's hitting at 50.

On the other hand, this Pujols/ Wilson thing might work out OK -----for 2 or 3 years.

Might be nice if the Angels got somebody who bats from the left side, but otherwise it looks like the Rangers got a real fight now.

so terrible that Paul will be coming to the Garden stead of the fucking Lakers.