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What happened with 'our Modern British Army' book review section

Glanced through it, really started on this;

Some of these trends were in part our doing,

Elite opinion, is worth less than generally thought off. Wolfowitz and Feith, two of the horsemen of the Apocalypse, had been those who didn't agree with the sanguinary
pragmatism that gave us the Iraq card, helmed by Baker and Scowcroft, the same figures
who looked away while the abbatoirs began in earnest in Bosnia, and later Chechnya,
both were per excellanace the chief grievances in the Muslim world in the mid 90s, and
consequently draws to AQ, Our eventual arrival in Mesopotamia was more stained by
the betrayals first under Kissinger in '75, then his protege Scowcroft (the reason for
Hitchen's particularly strong sentiments)

Now that's just silly, the Drone strikes are one of the few things he did right, comparing that to the Nazis is Level 3 Goodwin,
It would be nice to think that there was an Abbottabad version of Cops, where he could have been taken in by the local authorities, but that was not to be, in fact, the constabulary 'rounded up the usual suspects' being the folks who served as spotters for us, Similar with Awlaki, the son of a former top Yemeni cabinet figure, could only be reached that way. Of course,
both are just symptoms of the problem, which has much deeper roots in Arabian and/or Pakistani society. They deliberately
target civilians, we strive to avoid that as much as is practical. I really thought Scott's oevre in the 'imagination business' would
make him understand this circumstance, but I guess not.

Schmitt was too clever by half, he thought he could ride the Tiger, but the same could be said for those in Iraq, who got on the Baathist bandwagon, after the ad man Eichelberger and the bandleader Copeland did their thing, it was a death cult, somewhat like the Thuggee, premised on driving the Shia, the Kurd and the Jew out of public life, in a way that the Golden Square didn't manage to do,

We down here is South Florida, are fairly acquainted with the backwash of violence, from the similar clique that has ruled in Haiti, to the consequences of the pretensions of those fatigue wearers in Havana, Managua, and Caracas, to cite three examples.

Marx was engaging in magical thinking, Lenin focused the theory with the addition of the vanguard, because too many suffer from 'false consciousness', life is infinitely more complicated, because neither the bourgeoisie, petit or otherwise, or the proletariat are monolithic. hence the former liquidated a sizable portion of the latter from Moscow to Kampuchea, that is the wages of that peculiar faith, and the likes of Comandante Gonzalo, wanted to continue the experiment.

Did you read up on his most recent one, Herr Grosch;

I read the intro and the end notes, and have glanced at his blog a few times,

Robin knows little of classical liberalism, the socalled 'negative liberties' that were obtained at such great cost of blood and treasure, one is reminded by that anecdote from Antietam, that Bohannon recalls, in the last episode on HoW,

No, Lilla, he's not a red baiter, but he does wonder why Robin, offers such a class determinative maybe Beardian analysis, Russell Mead had similar notions in 'Mortal Splendor' but he developed a more sophisticated worldview, The hatred for the 1%, is that only limited to Dimon and Moynihan, or does Al Gore, Madonna, Soros qualify,

Well Lilla goes by the boards by the second half, but his taxonomy of the right, is better that Robin's