There was an even better rumor going around that Obama planned on having all public school children pledge allegiance to Obama every day. Only timely intervention from Glenn Beck foiled the scheme.

being entirely serious, I'm not sure that Paul would have supported federal action to declare the emancipation of the slaves.

beyond his view of constitutional limits on federal authority, if you read his comments about federal infringement on contract and property rights that leads him to say that he couldn't ever support the Civil Rights Act of 1963, you might understand that Paul would be very very reluctant to void purchase contracts involving slaves that would forcibly alienate the purchaser from his "property".

who's breaking the law? the guy who made the recess appointments or the guys fraudulently denying that they're in recess ?

miggs, her point wasn't that it was illegal to appoint Bolton, but that Bolton was a goon rather than a dip.

you might note that it says "mistake" and not impeachable offense, which is what the lunatic reactionary Republicans are going with this time 'round.