Comments on Caesarobamism (On Those Recess Appointments) by miguel cervantes

Weren't you involved with bringing Contraband to the screen, Scott.

Yes the proscriptions really do tarnish his record, Saylor has Sulla saying he handled the tough jobs, the Special Forces of its day, while Marius took the credit.

I took a crack at that one, some time ago, an interesting thing about Mayor's account, is that he had met Marius before hand, Saylor's Roman Blood takes Sulla's side of the argument.

Speaking of nascent empires, I just started on this;

Maybe it would have lasted another generation or two, until another confrontation with the likes of this fellow;

It's interesting to consider would Russia have necessarily fallen, without Lenin, Batista without Fidel,

Having read Sullust in translation, you can see the republic was already in trouble by the time of the Social Wars, which Mithridates of Pontus, took as an opportunity to precipitate a rebellion, read Adrienne Mayor's the Poison King for a flavor.

What's Vinnie Terranova's boss, doing there, (that Caesar looks like Jonathan Banks)

The War Powers Act is in fact, bad law, brought on in part because Congress had surrendered it's power of the purse, but considering that W was 'dinged' for going to war, under two declarations of use of force, it seemed ironic, I still sustain that the Libyan operation will turn out much like the original operation in Afghanistan, a pyrrhic victory, with Qatar's ruling circle rather than the Saudis as the major players. The Iran side of the operation was probably the dodgiest, particularly since goign through back channels ended up with Pasdaran operative, who
would go on to direct the Buenos Aires hit, Feridoun Nezhi-Neshad, as the negotiator, although
the ultimate figure apparently is now the Defense Minister, but that was the search for the famed
'Iranian moderate' which ended on Rafsanjani's desk,

That plan by Glenn Hubbard, is still under consideration, and it was Pethikouris, who gamed a few moves ahead,

It's not really about the 19th Century, slavery was incompatible, with our nations principles, if it wasn 't for the Cotton Gin,
it might have gone the way of the British experience with Wilberforce and Fox, yes Jim Crow was as w ell, some might say even more so, after the Civil War experience, What would constitute Caesarism anyways, apparently intervening militarily without congressional approval doesn't matter either.

And here was a analysis of the law's stipulations,

but go ahead and talk of nullification, in the bizarre red pill reality, that the Sorosphere exists, mind you Bernstein is one of the better examples of the group.

This is where the passage I cited earlier comes from;

Yes, because he is actually breaking the law, they pulled the same trick with Negroponte, until September 11th forced their hand,

No, the point is they have no standards, specially when the statutory language proscribes what is actually being attempted,

Not surprising the same tack, misrepresenting the other party's arguments, pop up in many places;

'Respondents do not contend that the Affordable Care Act's Comprehensive Market Reforms, and the ends those reforms entail are beyond Congress's powers (39) on the PDF)

Heh, Frog, it's always good to read above the subtext;

...Section 1066 of Dodd-Frank provides that the Secretary of the Treasury is authorized to perform the functions of the CFPB under the subtitle transferring authority to the CFPB from the other agencies “until the Director of the Bureau is confirmed by the Senate in accordance with Section 1011.” It turns out that section 1011 is a defined term which provides: “The Director shall be appointed by the President, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate.”

This seems to suggest that even if the President might be able to appoint Cordray under the recess power the full grant of statutory authority wouldn’t transfer to the Bureau unless the statutory language was fulfilled as well.