And I screwed up again somehow trying to put the blockquote in. Oh, well. Damn. I could put another texting shorthand thing that I learned from a young student here about when you screw up, but I can't remember it. TDO. Too Damn Old.

I was trying to put that after what you wrote about shortened dictation leading to innovation. This one...

I was trying to make a point about how texting shorthand could be leading to change but then my comment ended up not where I thought it would and I was too lazy to fix it. Sorry.

The boys were good playmates throughout this discourse, CK. I'm happy for you.


I maintain that WW2 was a pyrrhic victory because the Jews were not given a country where their right to live (and live in peace) would be recognized. I know it's the south, but I've always fantasized that giving them Florida would have worked. Go Heat! Except against the Clippers Wed night.