Comments on Israel Third, To Be Precise by fuster

for some unknown reason, it struck me as likely painted in Haiti

and headed for deeps pace

Came across something about "Israel -fiuster" just now. found mice elf on the Tablet.

the painting is triffic and you flashing 'fore you found it is funny.

no wonder bout the radio receiver
the switch gets broke cause it's oooold.

just a bad joke offered on account I just d'other day got into an argument with someone and taunted him a second time after he twice failed to manage to define the term.

there's was nothing in your perfect pearl that was not first-water.

positively hydroponic.

that was one well-polished little bijou.

lit up my little green kisser.

You're an Anti-National Treasure, Your Very Highness,

small only tiny hardly-even perhaps a correction.......

Is it "Israel Firster" that they're calling me sometimes,

I thought that they thought that papa Fuster yclept me as Israel ?