EI is not advocating "owning" the expression, DM - I don't see that concept entering his argument at any point. He also isn't advocating usage of the expression.

As for MJR, he's quite open about the "negativity" he feels toward the people whom he calls Israel Firsters. Not sure "malice" is the right word, since he considers them warmongers. In fact, as I reflect on it, the point isn't whether the the I1ers intend to put Israel first, but whether their politics objectively put Israel first.

As for David Duke, I don't consider him very relevant anymore to much of anything, but if everything he said or supported needs to be condemned, then yoy, for example, have gotta lotta splainin to do.

BTW - on the Israel First kerfuffle, Elias Isquith's post struck me as unusually sane. Was thinking of it when began to write my own more oblique investigation... http://ordinary-gentlemen.com/eliasisquith/2012/01/29/is-israel-first-the-worst/#comment-6827

They think they're on the right side of history, of course, not to mention a whole helluva lot better than you or me or the Phrog.

Ended up checking out MW and noticed a new comments policy: No Holocaust Denial or blame-Jews-for-the-Nazis, no 9/11 talk.

Interesting, but they're still MW. And they and Prof Jerome are still trapped by their insistence on treating contingent political commitments as absolute morality.

Nope, you never mentioned it. Got a link?

Try again, Miguel: Berkshire Hathaway is not a he, even if in some regards it might be treated as a corporate person. Your fantasies about Soros and his press, or your feelings on behalf of poor, poor pitiful Koch and Koch and Murdoch are equally irrelevant to any argument except for one you may be having with your own demons.

Having a complicated tax bill being worked out with the IRS as part of a relatively lengthy process isn't unusual, and is not a question of Buffett's "own required share of taxes." Please bring better bullshit next time. And what about the Cratchit crack?

Not that either has much to do with the post.

What quotes? I didn't notice any quotes in your comment.

You appear to be suggesting that Warren Buffett is a known tax cheat and you also seem to believe you know what his secretary is paid. Do you have some evidence for either charge, or is it just the usual rightwing blogger calumny?

Popular Front was a topic I was considering, but it's a complex discussion.

I'm not sure to whom you're referring when you bring up "scapegoating the rich." Is any discussion of wealth and power, or of progressivity of the tax code, "scapegoating"? Why shouldn't the Democrats or even the further-left have good relationships with the wealthy, and include them?