OMG! That is the best post ever!!!!!! I now really get what you were getting at in respect to writing a whole novel about global yogaism. It really would work, and then some. (Note: the book idea was something CK started envisioning a ways back, but I wasn't really seeing it.) Now I see it. The yoga flag waves over the yogic jihadic peace--or sort of peace. The title of the book is "Eternal Beisbolobucolical Globalmonistic Paradise." Brilliant. It opens at a Beisbolobucolical game. Like CK already describes...the yogic anthem is sung kirtan style--call and response. It's "a universally homogeneous global and probably near earth orbital super-stadium of stadia where the yoga-ball season never ends, those who refrain from singing along, are the loudest." You really need to write it. I would be honored to help. It also should trump Hunger Games mercilessly.