CK MacLeod: Fox’s viewership is in major decline

Oh? I was under the opposite impression. Hope it's true.

It’s not just or even so much that the Republican opinion elite has moved right, as that the mainstream opinion consensus has expanded to envelop much of what was once thought “conservative,” an argument that the President and allies, and more than a few disgruntled further-leftists, have not yet tired of making.

Really? Or is the real mainstream opinion consensus buried under Fox News' influence? I believe that everyone who watches tv news on any station--no matter how liberal its reports may even actually be--is being influenced hugely by Fox News via the effect of the competition for viewers. Never underestimate the underlining (what in the yoga world we refer to as the...) energetic power of motivation. Whatever motivates people also influences people. So it's not the words, it's the consciousness, and while most Unitedstatesians may watch tv news, what tv news succeeds in burying is still there and if the real mainstream opinion consensus was as it seems on television I don't think they would have ever elected someone named Obama.