Fox has viewers to spare and unfortunately takes them for granted, probably Erin Burnett's is the only show in the lineup that's really worth much, Piers Morgan, is outpaced by his predecessor, Fox has watered down the brand,

Well Most networks are in decline, Fox has given up it's 'comparative advantage' adding the likes of Sally Kohn, carrying the pom poms for Governor Blanc Mange, while the center left like CNN
are moving toward 'an increasingly more selective audience,' the O'Brien dissertation on CRT notwithstanding.

Well Scott, the reverse is somewhat true, Obama's formative experience led him to conclude that the nuclear freeze didn't go far enough, 'Reagan's dark doings' presumedly against the insurgents in Central America, led him to community organizing,
the Iowa Peace Pledge is being followed through, Israel is being forced into a 'zero barrier' choice, with Iran, with the real and imagined leaks to Mark Perry, similarly the Siloviki have an ear at the White House, although they despise his economic policy.

Yes Henry Francis, isn't the least sympathetic character that's split between Pete Campbell and Ken (last name escapes me) Me thinks SDP wouldn't have been interested in American Motors either.

Ah Andrew is as droll as Coward or Wodehouse, cheerio old chap, We have the most blanc mange frontrunner since Wilder's Throttlebottom, yet like Chip Dillard, his pater familia is ridiculed, despite having been the GOP's house liberal
on Mad Men,