Comments on The Theory of O by miguel cervantes

Well Scott, Gandhi might have geniunely meant well, maybe he conflated Dyer with von Rundstedt, but recall that TOS ;City on the Edge of Forever' and the character Edith Keeler, the welfare and peace activists who impromtu saving by McCoy, changed the timeline forever, That is the problem, now the example of Maximilian Kolbe and company, might be more what
you are looking for,

Btw, that serenade by Dean Singleton, prior to that speech was classic,

Oh, grow up, he's a hack politician who absorbed the equivalent of Oprah deep leftism, from Bell, Wright, et al, whose previous executive function was handling Annenberg grants for the Chicago public schools, He rarely challenged the Daley machine, he basically stepped into a US Senate Seat, after all the plausible foes were 'reaped' by the local papers.

From his vantage point, the work of 'fundamental transformation' is only half done, the set piece Obamacare is moving along,
the automatic defense cuts did move toward satisfying the Iowa peace pledge, but he still doesn't see it as going far enough
toward 'peace and justice' hence the reassurance to Medvedev, which was a little too obvious.

Intriguing course of action,steer into the Iceberg, instead of a glancing blow, leave a few leaky life boats like the Buffett Rule,