Comments on The Mediocracy vs. Leo Strauss by Scott Miller

I'm going to have a numerologist work out the numbers rundown expressed in this Miggs statement. I think it might help us identify the RHP as the Neopagans, or Ceremonial Magicians.

I don't know from Strauss, but it interests me to skim the mediocre blog posts on him. LIke this one... target="_blank">
I think what the author explains there in respect to Strauss' text on Machiaveli relates to what you were saying regarding Strauss' numbers usage. Not really numerology. It's more like code. But the mediogers do connect Strauss with the Kabbala and you know where that leads. A numerological yellow brick road. Love it. I like the whole thing about people thinking Strauss is an elitist. I like the way he warns his readers "to be careful." The inscrutibilia is not only inscrutable but dangerous. You have to understand that the exoteric nature of true knowledge filled writing opposes its esoteric meaning. "Opposes." Love that. Maybe Miggs is on to something after all.

I think maybe there's still something for me to like in there somewhere. I'll read what you wrote again and see. And in answer to your question, it was in the link, The Mediocrity of LS

Yes, there's also a lot of nonsense (numerology and the like).

Well, why didn't you tell me that Strauss was into numerology? I don't h8 him anymore.