Comments on The Mediocracy vs. Leo Strauss by miguel cervantes

Machiavelli was properly stated amoral, not immoral, perhaps a distinction without a difference, concerned about tactics, and
less overall strategy, Now there was little that the Medicis, much less the Borgias, needed that reminder,

I didn't speak of numbers, but principles, which are disposable in this semantic game, apparently,

The Second Cave, the first one is plenty spaceous, Oppression is Freedom, as Loki would put it, mass murdering terrorists
are misunderstood idealists, vast byzantine rentier schemes are for our own good, Israel, the mosr democratic regime, is the most evil, and denounced in every arena, whereas Iran with a Thanatos fixation among it's ruling elite, must be excused, rationalized,

No, I would dub it, malice v. Strauss, Sullivan's rage virus, has gotten the worst of him again,