Comments on from good to goods, and the return of questions by JHM dba "Paddy McProductivity"

Two Robots: (they drag in Alquist) He did not shoot. Do we kill him?

Radius: Kill him. (looks at Alquist) Spare him.

Robot: He is a human.

Radius: He is a worker. He works with his hands like a robot. He builds houses. He can work.

Alquist: Just kill me.

Radius: You will work. You will build. Robots will need many buildings. Robots will need many houses for new robots. You will serve robots.

Alquist: (quietly) Move aside, robot. (kneels at dead Hallemeier, raises his head) Killed him. He’s dead.

Radius: (steps up onto barricades) Robots of the world! Many humans have fallen. We have taken the factory and we are masters of the world. The era of man has come to its end. A new epoch has arisen! Domination by robots!

Alquist: All dead!

Radius: The world belongs to the strongest. Who wishes to live must dominate. We are masters of the world! Masters on land and sea! Masters of the stars! Masters of the universe! More space, more space for robots!

Alquist: (at doorway, right) What do you think you’ve done? You’ll all die without people!

Radius: There are no people. Robots, down to work! March!


Happy days.