Comments on Unger’s meaningless betrayal by Scott Miller

One more thing:
No surprise, I actually sympathize with the professors dissatisfaction with Obama. I just don't see how he can justify pushing the worse-the better revolution overtly the way he does. He's not ready for that. As you always remind me, I'm not ready for that and I'm a whole lot more ready than him. But what other way to view it is there but to understand his intent as a provocation to make things worse so they can get better? Do you think that's how he sees it?

Thanks. Also, your last too typically great posts deserve better than they get from us in respect to commenting. They are really masterfully scribed.

"worse-the better" revolutionism. There will be lots of casualties. And no NBA. There's already no House. What kind of healthcare do you think there will be during the revolution? My brother and his wife pay $800 each a month with a $5000 deductible. Right there, the revolution saves them $1600 but like me, he needs to have several basil cell skin cancer thingies removed each year. Not sure a revolutionary medic can handle that.