Comments on Wenn wir brüderlich uns einen… by fuster

CK MacLeod: And as for “risen,” no – I just liked the self-consciousness of E Germans, after WW2, composing a national anthem that rises up “out of the ruins” (“aus Ruinen”), and retains the focus on destruction and re-birth,

maybe soon, after the destruction of the white supremacist government running Arizona, they'll be songs extolling their capitol city rising from the ashes.

I could afford the brevity as my comment was for one person and i know that person to not need more, whereas you were preaching to the larger audience ...who certainly can use all the nicely worded explanation that you so nicely (and wordily) supplied.

first ever time on the links, not even a scornful tone and the comment box already had my handle and e-address loaded

------went back to site ...and the frog has landed!

sometime between 11:30 EDT and now ....comment hopped onto the page ....some three hours after marked submission.

what was Kuznicki DOING with it during that time???

(and BTW your comment of 12:42 was rather a nice answer to that silly nickwit)

might be that you have a thing for "risen"

I tried leaving a comment on that crud, but hours later it's still unappeared.

is that SOP ?

I assume that you put up this re-print of Kuznicki's nonsense primarily to hasten the departure of the of the picture of the glasses guy, rather than because you really thought Kuznicki's thing was all that funny.