I'm beginning to see why Trotskyites, had a hard time of it.


Well a little background here, from the follower of a leader foolish enough to get ice picked by Mercader,


No, they stuck a bloody knife into the Weimar Republic, because they thought they would be the victors, the leadership did, the rank and file didn't know, 'They chose poorly' in the short run, enabling the Nazis, then later pretended to be guarantors of Democracy, the same was true of most other parties in Europe, in the interim, they declared themselves antiwar from '39-41.

N o, as with the Lenin link, it was not out of altruism that they fought they aided the Allies, was because they had bet the wrong way, by the late early 30s, all the parties in Europe were totally subordinated to Stalin, and their main enemy was the Social
Democrats, the irony doesn't occur to you.

Oh, the idealism of Rosa Luxembourg, seriously spare me, of course the Allies were fooled, that doesn't speak highly of them,
quite the contrary, the error is in thinking there are'no enemies on the left'

I pointed out this many moons ago, it seems, yes Marx thanks to Engels great generosity, was able to hang out in the British
Libraries, butcher Hegel to his purpose, that's what qualifies as 'respectability in your eyes, Lenin of course sought to move the process along,, and the German General Staff obliged him.yet again, generations later,

THere's a metric ton of irony, in your statement, the Nazis prevailed because the Communist attacked the most direct anti fascists in the Social Democrats, part of the Second International, then Stalin used
the Nazi threat, after a certain interlude, to legitimize his stance as the only legitimate opposition to them , The Abwehr then used the contacts in the Weimar era, among Russian forces, to plant a coup
suggestion to Stalin,