Nice Dolchstoss theory. Kind of Son of Dolchstoss. In my own view, based on my own study, the Bolshevik menace was more a confection of rightwing AND leftwing propaganda than a major factor in events - a significant but ultimately quite secondary cause of the fall of Weimar.

History's a gangbang, and there are no paternity tests applicable to its great outcomes.

I think you're confusing diverse facts, and, sorry to say, but "late early 30s" is kind of an imprecise term. How wrong the Party may have been at various times, or all along, doesn't have anything to do with the simple fact that it represented a real constituency.

I don't see much "irony" in the fact that the CP was ruthless towards its main rivals on the broad left, and I don't usually go looking for altruism in history. I'm content to be taken by surprise. Events in the interwar period seemed to support the notion that a political struggle to the death, quite literally, was already under way, and heading to an overwhelmingly violent climax. The facts were thought to justify ruthless measures against those weakening the Red Front, as well as difficult but supposedly pragmatic decisions like the Non-Aggression Pact. One thing for sure is that the world doesn't care much how we feel about it all. We might as well take advantage of the distance to learn whatever is to be learned without letting utterly pointless and obsolete partisan commitments get in the way.

"The Allies were fooled"? They were supposed to, what?, join the Nazis in the heroic defense of Western Civilization against the Jewish Asiatic Bolshevik menace? Not sure what the document at the link is supposed to indicate, or the relevance of the very old slogan "no enemies on the left." I don't believe that it was used much by the OSS or by those delivering supplies to the Russians under Lend-Lease.

Actually, I wasn't thinking much about the earnest labors of Karl and Fred, but a long history of organizing, striking, fighting, getting assassinated, and so on. Wouldn't say they were on balance respectable, but they did many things that were quite respectable, and represented a real interest in the German political landscape. Before then, the Allied forces found them and their masters respectable enough to fight with. It shouldn't be any harder to admit that the Kommis had a real constituency than to admit that the Nazis were also quite popular for an extended period.

The DDR was an in many ways catastrophic misbirth of an already unimaginably catastrophic history. Irony in that context would have been something of a relief, if a minor one, and external to a work like the anthem. Neither changes the fact that Communism had a long and in some ways quite respectable indigenous history in East Germany especially, arguably more so than in any other place in the world, including Russia.

And as for "risen," no - I just liked the self-consciousness of E Germans, after WW2, composing a national anthem that rises up "out of the ruins" ("aus Ruinen"), and retains the focus on destruction and re-birth, except when it ventures into revolutionary communism in the line after the one I quoted, which is even more actively combative than in the translation - more "when we unite as brothers we strike the enemy of the people" not "defeat." At the same time, it's a German national anthem, not an East German national anthem. As you probably know, the West German national anthem (except for a few years when they tried to foist a different song on the Germans) was and is the old Deutschlandlied, but with the first two verses suppressed, since peoples kinda had and still have a problem with "Deutschland, Deutschland ueber alles" as you may kinda recall.

The inescapability of history is always a fascinating theme to me.

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So I was looking for a title and ran across the DDR national anthem - which I think, incidentally, is one of the best-sounding I know of. Made me think of Parsifal - and the lyrics are like an epilogue to Goetterdaemmerung - appropriately! Here's the literal translation:

1. Risen from the ruins
and turned toward the future,
Let us serve you for the common good,
Germany, united Fatherland.
Our task is to overcome old distress,
and we shall overcome it together,
and we shall surely succeed,
so that the sun, more beautifully than ever before,
shines over Germany,
shines over Germany.

2. May happiness and peace be granted
to Germany, our Fatherland.
The whole world longs for peace,
extend your hand to all peoples.
If we unite fraternally,
we will defeat the enemy of the People.
Let the light of peace shine,
so that a mother never again
mourns her son,
mourns her son.

3. Let us plough, let us build,
learn and achieve as never before,
That, trusting in our own strength,
a free generation shall arise.
German youth, the best striving
of our people united in you,
Will revivitalize Germany
And the sun, more beautifully than ever before
shall shine over Germany,
shall shine over Germany.