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you got that right, fuster johnson

now what do you think the odds are that I feel highly motivated to defend even one of my few correct positions from those days?

yup, you wouldn't wanna wield any club to would have your member ship a board.

Even then, you missed the argument rather substantially, a plurality or majority of those who pay no income tax, makes raising taxes very easy and even the most modest reductions of government, untenable, that is the Alinsky/Cloward/Piven template.


Au contraire, I was quite stupid and stupid writes as stupid is... which even worsern stupid is boring.

Anyway, it's easy enough to find the pieces. Trust the Google. Betcha if you put my name and either title in a Google search box you'll be taken right to the versions here or at HotAir. You can try something similar using the site Search box down below. Or you can click on the Paul Ryan or Progressivism "tags." Many wonderful options available just like that, but all will take you to the same unfortunate destinations. I will say though that the Wilson pieces and a couple others from back around then I can still stand by. The horrible stuff was whenever I was trying to prove I "belonged."

link the stuff in a comment for me ...... even when you were writing rightwing, you weren't stupid or a poor writer.