Well, I see Hegelian logic as the dynamic dissolution of dualisms, but we can leave that aside.

The rejection of the extremes in favor of the relative truth - which might in a different sense be the higher, concrete, or absolute truth - may take a variety of positive forms as well, but philosophical liberalism may not be able to recognize or integrate them. "It's all rape" expresses the perfection of philosophical liberalism, but is an offense to the victims of rape, who experience the crime within your "in between" of life and its human complexities, not at the philosophical or historical extreme. In other words, if it's all rape, then what's rape?

We also have to sustain another distinction alien to the idealization of public reason characteristic of liberalism, in which we presume despite much evidence that the true-as-we-are-capable-of-recognizing-and-expressing-it and the good-for-us will coincide. So, you and I may see human reproduction as the birth of problems - which it undoubtedly is - but the overwhelming tendency of people in general is observably to go ahead anyway and make the best or worst of it.