Honestly, I'm much more afraid of the consequences of trying to keep an order that requires so much falsehood to maintain. Rather its end be due to conscious effort to dismantle and move beyond it than it collapsing under the weight.

Useful to who? And in what way?

Since settling that war powers question within the current system implies a crisis that those within it would rather avoid, in a weird sort of way it *has* been settled -- as with dust in a neglected corner rather than as meaning "solved".

As for the article that started this, a few things stick out to me in Lewis' profile.
-The contrast between how the actions of the Obama administration are treated by his base (that is, with kid gloves) and how he practically demands in his personal time in something as frivolous as a basketball game to be treated like everyone else. Considering his position that just strikes me as backwards: so throwin' 'bows on the court at the guy in the drivers seat of the global hyperpower is cool but the slightest questioning of actions taken as such both abroad and at home or the wisdom (or lack thereof) of continuing in that capacity draws fire? I can't help but think that his insistence on no one letting up on him in basketball feeds a psychological need of some sort, maybe so he's not reminded every second the power he's claiming. Fat lot of good that does the rest of us though...
-The part about joining Libya's civil war. The idea that the countries leading the U.N. resolution "authorizing" intervention were so in the dark they assumed out of thin air the need for a no-fly zone for the purpose a no-fly-zone is actually for, when the slightest glance could disprove it, would be hilarious were it not so disturbing. I've long assumed that they just lied for leverage, as it makes more sense.
-I kinda wish the extended bit about the navigator that went down in Libya could be followed up on, by talking to that guy directly. Think "humanitarian war" was his thought when signing up? Way the article leaves his portrayal makes it out like he thought nothing beyond "Jets! Cool!".

Actually for all the talk about it, the article isn't as bad as I expected. Yes, it has fluff, but that's a given with most media. I think it says something far different from what the author intended though.

Oh yeah, about this:

the internal processes of governance, the essential extra-legality and illiberalism of power, have been exposed to the light.

Good. Those processes should be laid bare as much as possible.