I'm describing the patterns, there have been some helpful signs, as in the protests against Ansar Sharia, and the words of Magarief, whereas Morsy and Kandil have behaved exactly according to script

Well the process resembles the previous events in Afghanistan, Najibullah was ousted by 1992, and for a time, the good guys
typified by Massoud, won out, but not long after, the ones more directly committed to the Salafi faith, Hekmatyar who split away from the government, Younis Khalis's 'students', the recruits gathered by Raisul Sayyaf, prevailed. Now for the purposes of this exercise, Jibril and Magarief, fill the first bloc, and Bel Hadj's Al Watan, and the likes of Qumu's Ansar al Sharia, are the other party, Stevens was regarded as one of the supporters of the former, so he had to go, That it would happen on the 25th of Shawwal and what that entails was a special type of irony