[...] final zombie solution supports a certain theory of the political unconscious of the genre. As we have discussed, the zombie “holocaust” re-animates revolution and revelation as insurrection of the [...]

Well Zombieland was good because it played with the tropes of the genre, similar with 'Shawn'

Great subject for a post. The post itself is wonderful, but the best thing is the cartoon. Zombie movies should be, one way or another, hilarious. They can be hilarious without being comical, but there's nothing better than a comical zombie movie. One of my favorite movies of all time is "Shawn of the Dead." Brilliant. "I just don't think I have it in me to kill me flatmate, me mum, and me girlfriend all in the same night." I also love Zombieland. It was a bit tweaky for me, though, because the main joke in the beginning of the movie was exactly the same as one I used in the Slider zombie episode. I did the rewrite for an episode credited to a free lance writer but the censors made me take out the line, "They became the first human happy-meals." They said McDonald's would sue. But they used the exact line in Zombieland and it great a huge laugh in the theater I was in. It was weird feeling. I thought, "I knew it." I knew the line was great, and I should have just enjoyed the realization of the idea. But I was mad. I don't even know why. There's probably something zombie-ish about morning a dead joke that comes back to life when it should be dead but is funny and troubling at the same time.

I like the Resident Evil version I know Umbrella is a precursor to Weyland/Yutani, but you might as well make it interesting,