Comments on Schmitt in Cairo (cc @ibishblog) by miguel cervantes

Because a motivated minority, like the Brotherhood can overcome a quiescent and divided majority, the Al Arabiya piece on Ibish's feed,

What is the crisis that necessitates this move, events in Gaza, well they are mostly of his own making, the economic circumstances, what has he done about that, that former regime offices haven't suffered the fate meted out by the hanging
judge, Ayatollah Khalkhali, well that is due process.

What brought Morsi, to power, was the very pragmatic need driven by skyrocketing food prices, Morsy has done nothing about that, nor does he care to, I'm not surprised about his moves, even really on the timetables, it's what he is about,

What counterexample can you give, now al Bashir is more in the vein of Bin Ali, a coup against the previous government, and he waited four years to go 'full Caesar' the first generals that deposed Menderes wavering regime in Ankara, likewise Liat Khan in Pakistan to Jinnah's successor, well Morsi has 'shortcircuited' that path,