(thanks for the gracious compliment)

What I find possibly interestng, is the (possibly) exploitve use of the narratve from the Southern Strategy, to Reagan's Neshoba speech to any Rep and some Dem (say Hlllary in 08) Pres primary races in S. Carolina. Explotive in that a politican may use the narrative with various degrees of actual belief, from full to none.

So maybe the task is in addtion to an (accurate) (at least in the main, defensible) historical reconstruction and interpretation, also an examinaton of who now advances what narrative and why. "Conservative Southerners" and "left liberal anti racists" are a start, but I suspect more detall will yeild some worthwhile insights.

For example, both poles have both true believers and those whose committment to the narrative is to one degree or another to exploit the true believers. Beyond my execution, but not my imagination, might be an XY graph, X degree of adherence to right or left narrative, and Y the level of true belief or exploitive intent.