[...] texts, their slogans into fading echoes, their objectives into objects of nostalgia. In Egypt, what Hussein Ibish calls “accommodation” would for Islamists, as well as for the felool, equate with capitulation, under the longer term [...]

[...] above is an especially compact re-statement of the Ibish formulation, expressing a self-contradictory position that is effectively universal and definitional for [...]


1948 was when the Brotherhood made it's first move, against the prime minister at the time Nukraishi Pasha, what do you think Supreme Guide Badie really wants,

Eh - I'll need a little bit more to go on. For instance, what does it mean to be dissuaded from a trainwreck? What precisely was going to happen in or around 1948 that was instead deferred?

Well keep the metaphor consistent, is there anything that will dissuade you from this trainwreck, which has been deferred since around 1948,

Cairo is where the politics is happening today. You might as well say that Philadelphia was a branch office of London.

No, the contrast is with Riyadh or Doha, the seat of Wahhabi/Salafism, not Cairo, it's just a branch office