Well Christianity, spent nearly three centuries in that status, till Constantine converted and turned it into the state faith, the easier course of action, you agree, would have been to renounce, right,

When the book was published, and the documentary was aired, on the latter points, many outlets including Al Ahram and Awshat Al Sharq, considered this much more inflammatory then the poorly made 'Innocence of Muslims' which the White House insisted was a casus belli for Benghazi,

Well as usual, you miss the point, Tom Holland, in his survey of Islam's rise, subjected all three 'faiths' of the Book, to rigorous review, but as usual, only one had an aggressive reaction, all of Christianity's chief prophets, were put to the sword, after a time, Peter, Paul, et al, but their claims are considered suspect, to modern audiences, however all of Mohammed's claims, are considered diktat,