Comments on placeholder for a 0D30 post by miguel cervantes

I think my earlier posts, about Jurassic Park, which is an entertaining romp, and the somber almost funereal mien of Schindler's List, that needed to be done were more worthy.

Please commodified hyperviolence has been Tarantino's game, at least since 'Pulp Fiction', some 19 years ago. It is striking how the utter rolling abbatoir arrives on the eve of the last atrocity, from all those arrogant criers for gun
regulation even confiscation, The poison pill, about slavery in this country, was that it struck at the essential idea, for which it was founded,

Schindler's List, will likely last much longer than ZD 30, because the images hold up after nearly 20 years, but it's hard to watch, for that reason, because it was a real life horror film, a trek 'through the valley of Death' with an almost demonic villain in Fiennes's Goeth, Neeson's Schindler's was an imperfect foil by comparison, the latter was subsequently in 'Strange Days' a film that really is a Boschian descent with little redeeming social value.

You're going to blame Thomas Kenneally and Michael Crichton, the source material for both, although I'lll admit Ralph Fiennes was much more evil as Amon Goeth, then as Voldemort, a generation later,