Comments on Voegelin’s Gnosis, Part 2: Crossing by Scott Miller

That actually does clarify some things, thanks. The other way to explore that is to question our Western idea that truth is at all separable from experience. Easterners emphasize "realization" first. Realize an unconditioned state or non-state and then get back to me. Speaking or not speaking from a conditioned state, no matter what words are used or not used, is never the same as what is expressed from an unconditioned state and never will be the same. The same words or non-words won't even be the same.

It's worth noting that East Indians see the Western consciousness as being more inclined to define itself with reference to the issues of time and history. I do that too out of continued western style habituation. What's wrong with it is that it "conditions" the human being. Eastern consciousness is committed in general to an "unconditioned awareness." So it's the opposite of believing (or not believing) that man is only what history has made him because any other choice would be an escape at the expense of what is real.