Comments on On the Neo-Imperial Interest by miguel cervantes

So according to Bergen, he says the Al Kuwaiti's number was gotten through a third country, so the Kuwaiti businessman might be the right scenario,

Yes, the Church Committee idiocy, was the product of naval gazing and preening,

I think it's a flashback, since he was captured in Abbotabad, right, he was held by the Pakistanis meaning ISI, interesting who the'Wolf' is, he seems to the figure profiled by the Washington Post, to head the Counter Terrorism Center

There's one scene I didn't get,when Abu Faraj is out by that mosque in Lahore or someplace, and runs into the burka clad rifle corps, and the deus ex machina of how they get Sayeed's number is interesting,

As for ZD 30, it is essentially Maya's detective story, the details from Ammar, who is a composite of Baluchi and Quahtani, is just the first step, she has a touch of Marshal Girard in her intensity,

The Embargo Act, was futile and dangerous, in the short term, although as with the Mexican War, these larger expansions had a medium term negative effect, then again can one imagine the US, except in Gibson's alt steampunk, the Difference Engine any other way.

As to the counterfactuals, had their been no significant deBaathification, wouldn't that have suggested that the struggles of the Kurds and Shia were for not. in addition, how does one deal with the regional powers, the Kingdom, the other Baathist redoubt, and Iran, who were threatened by a democratic Iraq.

Oh, that's a classic in the self absorbtion of the press;

See the whole thing, like Ware's missive, strikes me like that bizarre colocquoy on PBS, that featured Jennings, Ogletree and Fallows on one side, and Major Downs on the other.

So, what's your opinion, do we need to project force in certain areas for prolonged periods of time, against irregular forces, or is it an abrogation of our country's founding principles, Kipling or Twain,
to be reductionist.