Comments on Notes on A Living Originalism by miguel cervantes

I come from a country much more inmeshed in that economy till the mid 19th century remember, being very agrarian, and it is predominantly non white, ruled by a very pale aristocracy.

Actually no, the slave economy, ran counter to the more industrialized nationalized economy, it was more strictly tied to British economic interests (Amanda Foreman's World on Fire, showed how tightly) and that of the French, which at the time of the Civil War, was working off one of those results of revolutionary exuberance spoiled rotten)

Actually the reverse is true, the Constitution was an upgrade from the exceeding minimalist Articles,

Yes, Florence and Milan, but that was even a shorter interlude, despotism has been too often, the default state of the human condition, a lesson we seem utterly unwilling to consider, sometimes a tyrannical sovereign provokes an equal reaction,

self government was an exotic offering, it had collapsed in the aftermath of the Pelopenessian war, and the internecine conflicts of the Roman republic, they were certainly trying to avoid that circumstance.

This is a Socratic dialogue, what is the purpose of the thing, Locke had a notion, that the protection of life, liberty and the pursuit of property, was a nifty idea,

Put it another way, what are the limitation on the system, sans the discretion of the officials,

The US Constitution, focuses on what the government cannot do to us, whereas other charters, concern what it can do for us, or two us, that was a 'whole lot of sound and fury, signifying nothing' as you go around in circles, what is the fundamental principle that you're going for, around that you build the system.