Thanks, Robert, very well said, and good to see you around again. I'm hesitant to say anything at all, since I'm afraid of falling into that multi-thread 1,000+ comment vortex again, even from this distance. The liberationist argument will be that they're not aiming for an objective equality - impossible short of androgyny - but for equality of opportunity and possible discovery of a variegated, un-predetermined equilibrium state. For reasons I partly went into over there, I think this ideal may be utopian, and may make unjustified presumptions about what arguments have really been won or settled. I've been thinking about the different philosophical, religious, and scientific claims about the sexual division of labor and "natural" sexual differences. Maybe some time down the line we can delve into them in greater detail, as you seem also to have given them a lot of thought. Might make an interesting bookend with your debut post that looked at the Garden of Eden from a completely different perspective: